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  1. Thank you so much for the pictures. They were very enlighting. Is there anyway you can get pictures of the bathrooms, and the downstairs housekeepers quarters. I need all the pictures I can get. I still can’t quite figure out the kitchen. Can you take pictures of the stove, refrigerator, the whole kitchen. Are there windows in the kitchen?

    Also can you take pictures of the owners quarters, it hard to make out the rooms, all you see are the beds.

    What size are the ceilings? Are the fireplaces working? Where is the furnace and what year was it built?

    How many bedrooms on the first floor, 2nd floor, is there an attic, garage etc. etc. etc.

    Do you have the sizes of the rooms; also if you just bought the house, what would stay with the house?

    Are all the rooms with carpet or mostly hardwood floors? It is hard to make them out.

    What about the bathrooms, when were they updared, and what is in them as far as bathtubs verse, showers or whatever? How many, and are there any half baths?

    I appreciate all the information I can get.

    I will make an evaluation after I see the rest of the pictures and get the information from you.

    where would I fly into if I did this? Also if I do come, I would like to stay at the B&B if there is room? Is the B&B dog friendly?

    Are there any out buildings on the property?

    Merci pour tout! In other words, thank you Ms.Texas!

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