Using video to promote property listings

This professional video, produced in March 2019 by Steven Shires of PixelProShop for my recently listed property at 6 Coe Place in Lexington (offered at $385,000), is just one example of the marketing tools that I use to promote properties for sale. This video doesn’t have a soundtrack added, and is just over a minute long — since research shows you have to keep marketing videos short and sweet! To enable easy viewing and sharing of the video, I first downloaded it to my YouTube channel (yes, I have a YouTube channel!), then distributed it to other platforms by embedding or sharing links to the video. It’s now accessible through our local MLS, this website, and my Facebook business page, and can be shared by you too!

I’m hoping to eventually produce and share other types of videos — interviews with local folks and businesses; walk-throughs of historic homes; on-camera tips about real estate, community, and preservation topics; and more. Soon, soon! I’ll keep you in the loop.

And for much more information about 6 Coe Place and its many distinctive features, be sure to check out the full listing at: